TouchCast is a video platform available on iPads and PCs.

TouchCast is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web. Experience the web inside a video. TouchCasts are video that are fully browsable, interactive, and alive.

Nerf Cyber Hoops: coming soon to iOS as a connected-toy app made in part with bMuse and Hasbro.

President Elect is a board game now being developed for the iPad. A game of electoral strategy, players compete for territory in Pres Elect much like in Risk. But will the territory equal votes? Only on election day will it be known which strategy paid off.

Luke Sidewalker is an 8-bit satire about rushing through the streets of different neighborhoods of New York City. See if you can rush through all 7 levels and defeat each boss to get to your destination on time.

Outbreaker is a social game that lets players use their location as a layer of strategy in this game of spreading viruses around the world. But it's about more than just epidemiology, Outbreaker lets players attach messages to their virus -- so savvy players can truly have their message run viral all over the world.

A Good Player Is Hard To Find is a gallery game that debuted at the 2011 No Quarter Exhibition at NYU. Commissioned by the NYU Game Center, this physical game challenges 2 teams of 2 to spin the giant, 7 foot ball and be the first to connect a line of game pieces from one side to the other without being blocked.

A Good Player is now being updated to incorporate augmented reality where players will be able to use their smart phones to place (and hide) game pieces.

Part of the My3D suite of games developed for the Hasbro My3D headset, Teleport: LA is an iPhone game that is truly 3D. Visit different places around the city of Los Angeles and play Find It Fast or simply watch 360 degree video from a helicopter flying around the best sites of the city.

Done in conjunction with BMuse.

Originally commissioned by Workman Press for the release of Leigh Anderson's book The Games Bible, Triviaphile also appeared in the 2011 Come Out and Play Festival in New York City. A "team strategy sport," Triviaphile challenges teams to do far more than know some trivia -- they must perform quick recon and strategize how to capture the most points from the answer bases.

Heartbreaker is a social game that sets the prisoner's dilemma to the theme of love. This event game debuted in the 2009 Come Out and Play Festival in New York City.

NudgeMe is an iPhone application that helps two Facebook friends find each other to meet up in the real world. NudgeMe plots both friends on a map and allows them to message each other as they locate each other. The free app will even point at the other person showing you the way to your friend.

EatingVine.com is a social network devoted to recipe sharing and algorithmic wine pairing. Built from the ground up for Trent Media, LLC, I produced the project and led a small team from the conception phase all the way through a beta launch.
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